Libraries and Museums

This piece appeared in the World Of Beads VII show in Manhattan in September 2004.  The exhibit took place at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.  This arrangement stands 2 feet (65 cm) high.

Large Bouquet

These are some pieces I made for my first library exhibit in East Meadow, New York. This exhibit ran in May 2003.

Large Bouquet

I wanted something bright and cheerful, so I created this pattern for Anemones.

Cotton Blossoms

This is a new pattern for Cotton Blossoms.

Dutch Irises

I wrapped the stems of the Dutch Iris bloom and buds in floss, for an extra “polished” finish.


I planted the Sunflower in glass pebbles for an updated look.

Tea Roses

The container for the Tea Roses made it clear what flowers would look best in it.


Who doesn’t love tulips in the spring?